Monday, 26 December 2016

Me Before You - Book Review

Me Before You – Jojo Moyes


Overview of Plot:
Louisa Clark loses her job and, as the main income of her families money, must find a new job as soon as possible. Struggling, she desperately applies for a job as a carer of a quadriplegic man named Will Traynor. Will lost the use of his legs and most of the use of his arms when he was hit by a motorbike. And going from “adventure man” to paralysed man was not a step Will was expecting to take. The story see’s Louisa take on the best self-discovering journey of her life as she tries, with all her efforts, to convince Will he has a life worth living. Their adventures together see both Will and Louisa make some changes to their lives that are completely permanent and leaves you, the reader, with a hole in your heart that can only be filled when re-reading the novel.

Louisa Clark:
Louisa Clark is a bright daring 26 year old with a passion for fashion and the desire to stay cooped up in her little English town for the rest of her life. Her job in the “Buttered Bun” café leaves her with a steady income that she uses to keep her family stable until her boss moves away. She then finds the job of being a care assistant of Will Traynor and quickly learns there is something the Tryanor family is keep hidden from her. Increasing hours with Will, causes Louisa’s heart to be twisted into multiply directions and ultimately broken apart by her dying need to help this man. Her bright and bubbly character meets a new fate when she learns that there is much more to the world than simply staying in her small town and spending the rest of her life thinking… what if?

Will Traynor:
Adventure man turned quadriplegic. Will Traynor works his way into Louisa Clark’s train of thought by being an arse to the only person who is able to decode his mind and persuade him to change it due to his bluntness towards his parents. As the novel develops, you see what it’s truly like for Will in a world surrounded by able bodied people and from Louisa’s descriptions we can only guess that all he thinks about is his life before the accident and why his life can never be like that again. Will showed me that we shouldn’t be afraid to experience out of this world things and make decisions that leave us with very permanent memories. The epilogue of the book showed me that Will isn’t actually the sarcastic being of indigence but a compassionate misunderstood person that truly cares about the lives of the people who have managed to make his more bearable.

The fitness fanatic who somewhat seems like the bad guy in parts of this novel. Mixed feelings are created for Patrick throughout the novel until the last few chapters when he reveals his true persona by revealing Louisa’s big secret.

Camilla Traynor:
The mother of Will and a religious woman is caught in a whirlpool of emotions and sees fit that she does what is best for her son. Her constant battles with her son and her emotions stimulates a sense of sympathy for the woman as she doesn’t have a say in what her son does with his life, ultimately, leading to the catastrophic events at the end of the book.

Katrina Clark:
A girl whose life was thrown away by one bad decision is seen as an advisor of Louisa’s and quickly left her impact on me. Her loving and caring side can be ruled out by her sudden bursts of anger and rage after the slightest alterations in her way of life. More often than not, she is always there for Louisa in her darkest of times and is a reminder to me that help will always be there.

Me Before You is a classic love story that shows that to find love you just need to look past people’s imperfections and find what is truly great about that person. A beautifully tragic story that leaves you dying to read the sequel but also leaves sense of optimism hanging over you as you need to see what the start of Louisa Clark’s new life is going to turn out like.
This novel has taught me not to take anything for granted and that by even being able to type up this review I am lucky. Moyes also taught me that we all make mistakes in our lives but “some mistakes… just have bigger consequences than others.” And that is the beauty of Me Before You. The driver of the motorbike that hit Will and left him paralysed didn’t mean to hit him but the aftermath of that one single mistake leaves Will’s family and loved ones in a state of confusion, denial and sadness.
In regards to the chapters written from other people’s points of view, I found that they helped give me insight into other characters lives and showed me the other characters views on Louisa’s and Will’s unwinding relationship.
Personally, I think love stories are hard to digest so for me to become so entwined with the lives of these fictional characters is a real feat of accomplishment and out of all the romantic novels I have read, this has to be the one with the least clichés but the most wonderful tales of adventures.
To sum up my views on this novel, I think that it is one of those books that leaves you in a state of shock for about an hour where you are trying to figure out if the words you just read could possibly be the real words that were written down on the page. This book is a primary example of what a great read looks like and if you need a good book to read I highly recommend you go and find yourself a copy of this fantastic and unpredictable book and you join in with the heartbreak that is Me Before You.